Experience is the best teacher. At Lunches of Love

By: Divij Batra

July 30, 2016- The dog days of July have finally arrived meaning that people relax and lay down all day, but not us. Definitely not the Empower and Excel members that helped volunteer at the Lunches for Love community center in the city of Rosenberg. Our volunteers strived for excellence while they served their underprivileged community in nearby schools.  Our members spent their Saturday morning by decorating lunch bags, sorting out food material, and making a chain of food items so each type of food item can be placed in one lunch bag.  For example some of our members were placing sandwiches while the other was placing a juice box. Our wonderful team worked as a unit and provided food to over 100+ underprivileged children making a big difference. Lunches of love was truly where the lunches were being packed with lots of “Love” by all the volunteers. Doing this volunteer service really pulled us together as a family rather then a team. We could all feel the sense of unity while volunteering which we strongly strive to achieve in Empower and Excel.