In India, a majority of children with special needs do not receive any formal education due to various social and economic reasons such as:
> Segregation of children with special abilities from mainstream schools and other regular routines and social activities of normal children.
> Lack of affordability and awareness on the kind of education choices available to children with special needs.

We can overcome these obstacles by taking measures such as:

>Creating more awareness on Special Needs education

>Schools having the resources and the ability to re-structure their curriculum to cater to all types of students

>Recruiting teachers who have the skills and proficiency to meet varying demands within the classroom

>Support of family.

According to estimates, over 2 million people are living with autism in India. Every year, the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad, registers approximately 100-125 new cases, which is much higher than compared to five years ago.

It is only in recent years that the problems related to ASD have gained acceptance.

India has set for itself the goal of Education for All. Therefore, educational interests of children with ASD cannot be overlooked.

In this process we have partnered with Drishti Foundation and their “Little Hearts Learning Center” located in Mumbai, India. Click here to donate.

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