By SriAditi Yellamraju

One day at my school a volunteer from Cityteam named Mr. Mark came to talk about homelessness. I knew Cityteam already as our family went there to volunteer couple of times through Empower & Excel. Mr. Mark brought along 2 people who have been homeless. The 2 people shared how and why they became homeless . During the end of the presentation, I told Mr Mark that I worked with 2 other people Mr. Jesus and Ms. Erin who are part of Cityteam during Christmas Break to wrap and give away toys and presents for the people in need. He was so happy to hear about what i did. As I was walking out the door, he told about me to the 2 people who shared their story about being homeless and they smiled and told me “God bless you.” I was so touched to hear those 3 words. My friend heard that I worked with Cityteam and she said, “You are so lucky you get to volunteer at places like Cityteam .” So my friend told my teacher about that and my teacher was so proud that one of her students is volunteering at places. To me this is true happiness.