The first time I heard about Empower And Excel was when I was taking a programming class and the people who taught were from the organization. I learned so much and had a fun time talking with the volunteers, who were very funny and kind. I immediately joined the organization after the programming class because I wanted to be surrounded with people who wanted to achieve so many things in life and wanted to help out their communities. Empower and Excel is such a great organization where you can learn many new skills, such as public speaking and programming, and help make your community a better place. Bethelehem Engeda

San Lorenzo

In implementing an open streets program, one of the greatest concerns that arises is the impact to residents and their ability to transport themselves in their cars if necessary. This concern requires that the event allows for vehicles to cross the route at certain points. As a result, the greater concern of participant safety in regards to vehicle interaction becomes a more pertinent issue. In order to navigate this issue to the best of our ability, we rely on high quality volunteers to ensure the safety of event participants. Empower and Excel proved to be an incredible asset to our program. Not only providing us with enough volunteers to ensure a safe environment, but staying true to their mission they were also able to provide valuable educational resources for our participants. Zacharias Mendez

Viva CalleSJ Program Coordinator Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, City of San Jose

Empower and Excel is a wonderful organization. In my experience, the organization has taught me about the basic coding of Scala which is a programming language for general software applications and it was very enjoyable. I’ve learned a multitude of things and the instructors were benevolent and taught lucidly. I am very glad and thankful that they were willing to take their precious time out of their pockets to help the community. Daniel C.

San Lorenzo

Through a partnership with the San Jose Public Library, Empower And Excel has offered a great deal to the patrons of the Alum Rock community in East San Jose. By providing a variety of free classes teaching young residents coding and programming skills, this organization has provided a free and fun opportunity to build the skills critical to success in today’s competitive world. Many of our residents don’t have the resources necessary to learn and excel in these areas without the support of an organization like Empower and Excel. The help you provide is invaluable and the fact that your organization is proactively reaching out to libraries and other organizations is a huge help in moving forward with the shared goal of bettering the community around us. Diana Learned, Dr. Roberto Cruz

Alum Rock Librarian

Ayesha, her staff, and volunteers are fantabulous!!! They volunteered their time and expertise to teach programming and coding to the teens of San Lorenzo. The teenagers loved it and we had an overwhelming response! Younger kids and adults have continued to inquire about the course and how they enroll. The team was very professional and responsive and the kids were totally engaged. This was such an invaluable service they offered to our community and I don’t know where they could have otherwise gotten the exposure. We are forever grateful for their generosity. Tamecca Brewer

San Lorenzo Librarian

It was a pleasure working with the staff from Empower and Excel. The programs they provided for our kids and teens were fun, engaging, and educational. Our kids loved their programs! Randall Studsill

Tully Community Branch Librarian

Empower And Excel has been a great supporter of Cityteam! Ayesha is a pleasure to work with, and she is enthusiastic about bringing members of her organization together to meet the needs of the community. Empower and Excel is a hardworking and generous group! Sarah Wilson

Cityteam Volunteer Program Advisor