Asha Jyothi Support

It is heart-wrenching to see when children with disabilities become orphans. Disabled children face unique challenges due to their disabilities, and losing their families can complex their vulnerabilities. Four years back, we, Empower And Excel (EIN: 47-3656395), decided to support 68 orphan disabled children. These children have been abandoned and suffer from serious birth abnormalities such as cerebral palsy, autism, heart defects, cleft lip, spinal bifida, seizure disorders, and other disabilities. Each child is an individual, and their needs are unique. It is essential to approach their care and support with sensitivity and empathy.

We are seeking your help to support these orphans with the food and medical supplies they need daily. Your every dollar gives us the power to address their basic needs. Please take a moment to review the following pictures and video links, which show you the disabled orphans we are committed to supporting at Empower and Excel. We hope you join us to uplift these children’s lives.

Ways to donate:

Zelle transfer to

Make check payable to “Empower and Excel” and mail to: P. O. Box 21555, San Jose, CA-95151, USA.