Our Team

Executive Director- Ayesha Charagulla

Ayesha’s mission is to  “Empower Children to Excel and Uplift Their Communities”.  Ayesha has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology with over two decades of corporate America experience. Ayesha is known for effectively running the Non-Profit, under her leadership organization won the 2021 Non-Profit of the year award and received commendations from Santa Clara County supervisors. Ayesha has had a successful corporate career in tech and health care industries. She received appreciation award from LATI(Living Above The Influence) at their 17th annual day in Oct 2023, She received the most compassionate leader honorable mention award at the Santa Clara Women’s Summit in April 2023, and in 2019 she received community HERO award from CA State Assembly Member Kensen Chu.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes professionals who are profoundly involved setting up and reaching organization goals.

Hema Vema

Cecilia Chu Juluri

Sanjay Charagulla

Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel includes highly educated professionals from diversified backgrounds with a passion to serve the community

Mr. Mahesh Nihalani

Ms. Charmayne Moran

Mrs. Grover

Ms. Indira Meka

Dr. Pelham

Operations Team: Bay Area, CA

Our operations team includes professionals who are deeply involved in planning, organizing and executing our operations

Rajkanyapallabi Talukdar

Kavitha Durgi

Laxmana Polisetti

Namrita Grover

Kusuma Gunuputi

Srikanth Yellamraju

Madhuri Kumar

Alpa Kohli

Cecilia Chu

Radhika Bugidi

Mahima Goel

Geeta Hiremath

Laxmi kant Agrawal

Jyothi Gandla

Dinesh. Gopinath

Sanjeevini Bandaru