My Experience in Kangiri

By: Siddarth Mandala
My experience in Kanigiri was stupendous!! Our Cognizance Welfare Initiative Team and I reached Kanigiri sooner than the scheduled hour. The 7 hours of free time that we had, got an opportunity to interact with the locals nearby and discussed their problems. One of the common problem that we were conveyed was about the conditions of the roads. Especially children’s parents are more worried about the roads which were uneven and craggy on the way to their school. This is when we realized the need to involve our team along with Mr. Gangadhar Tilak to make the road a bit safer to travel by implementing our Phase 1 activity again. It was an interesting session with the public and then we headed to visit AP Model School to help the less-privileged children to help them build their language and communication skills with the help of Empower and Excel’s Accelerated Reading Project which deals with helping children improve on their English by encouraging them to read and comprehend English literature. After I shared my story in the assembly about how the Cognizance Welfare Initiative was born, a 7th grader named Praveen approached and asked me what exactly my passion was and why am I doing all of these activities. No one really asked me about my ideals and vision before, but he did. Without flinching a bit I explained him my motives and my purpose to make the Indian Education system better. The talk lasted for quite a while and after few minutes I saw a bright beam in his face; he said “I want to be like you Anna”. This one sentence cracked me (in a good way though) I was really pleased and delighted!! It definitely changed the way I perceive the world and thoughts of youth across India. This trip to Kanigiri will always be very special to me. And I respect Empower and Excel’s dedication and focus on breaking the language barrier that exists between classes. In India, the general public has put more effort towards understanding Sciences and Fine Arts, and Communication has become a problem for many. Empower and Excel has come up with this innovative method by introducing Accelerated Reading Project. and I’m genuinely honored to be a part of this program, which I believe will help many in the near future through our collaboration. I share their vision of ridding this language barrier which doesn’t allow many to express themselves. Empower and excel has given me a platform and resources to make our shared vision a reality.

Yes…Together We Can Do It!!