For the past 3 years

By: Sohini Pillay
For the past 3 years, I have been a part of Empower and Excel which has not only provided me with the tools to help enrich the lives of others but has allowed me to make friends and connect with new people. Through Empower and Excel, I have been able to find several organizations to serve with such as Sunday Friends, Alum Rock Library, and Jeena. Working directly with children while volunteering at Sunday Friends and Jeena has shown me that my actions can have a positive impact in someone else’s life, even if it’s something as small and helping them further their learning with worksheets, assisting them with projects, or teaching them how to make simple foods. One of the biggest things I’ve taken from my experiences is that you can learn something new from anyone and everyone. Some of the kids that I’ve worked with have opened my eyes to how fortunate I am, and I am so happy that this organization has allowed me to give back. -Sohini Pillay