The Impact of Service

By: Ashika Gogineni
Not everyone is born with opportunities and may live a life full of hardships and poverty, so volunteers devote their time to help people in need. Volunteering has an undeniable positive effect on the community. Volunteering can also help you create connections and meet new people that want to make a beneficial change. Volunteering helps you feel part of something outside of your circle; you can experience different environments. Through volunteering, numerous new life skills and qualities are taught. Volunteering provides you with real-world experiences and insights which can motivate you. You make an impact which helps you choose every day what you want society and the world to be; your voice can empower people all across the globe. You can play an active part in the community and help with problems that face people. You can gain a whole perspective of how you see things; it helps you understand people with various backgrounds. A sense of accomplishment comes with volunteering as it also continuously it builds self-confidence and spirits.