January 2024 Newsletter

EnE January 2024 Newsletter

“As the new year unfolds, let our resolutions include the commitment of kindness and generosity, turning each day into a masterpiece of giving.

We at Empower and Excel wish all you incredible volunteers a very happy New Year. Your dedication and selflessness have made a positive impact, and we look forward to another year of making a difference together.

January- EnE volunteers worked on providing fun activities to the underserved communities and warm food, hygiene products & warm clothing for the unhoused population.

Important Reminders:

Now for a Quick Recap of Our January 2024 Activities

Jan 26th, our CEO Ayesha joined disabled orphans to celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day.

On Jan 28th, Our CEO, Ayesha, visited the Bommarillu shelter and checked the children’s education. She also called sponsors so that the children could talk and update them on how their studies were going.

Crafty bakers of EnE baked hundreds of homely decadent muffins, cookies, and brownies for East bay unhoused and lunch for Family Supportive Housing and JW House.

Young tutors had fun teaching their little tutees different subjects, chess, and art. Our volunteers ensure that tutoring programs are culturally responsive and tailored to meet the unique needs of student populations.

EnE volunteers prepare the first meal of the day, a balanced hot breakfast for Eastbay unhoused.

EnE volunteers making and distributing hearty delicious lunches and dinners (that include, pasta, veg/non-veg/pb&j sandwiches, fruit, snack bars, juice/water) for the needy in our local community. EnE volunteers hand out fresh handmade lunch packs to the homeless and destitute, in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz.

Volunteers prepared baked goods and meals and dropped off at Fremont, Family Supportive Housing and JW house.

Knitting caps for cancer patients continues by our young volunteers.

E&E Volunteering send heartfelt messages through birthday and holiday greeting cards!

STEM for kids develops creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors. Exposing kids to simple STEM activities at an early age today sets a foundation for higher learning tomorrow. Our EnE volunteers conducted. It’s great to see kids having fun. STEM and craft activities at St. Mary Parish, Gilroy.

Supporting ASHA JYOTHI Handicapped Welfare.

EnE’s Global Volunteer Initiatives:
Supporting ASHA JYOTHI Handicapped Welfare

  • EnE volunteers and their families have been wholeheartedly supporting AshaJyothi, a shelter for abandoned special needs kids in India through their generous donations and meal sponsorships.
  • A BIG Thank You to Fotedar Family, Aneeja Abbas Family, Yanamandra Family,  Damera Family, Masson Family, Madhavan Family, and an anonymous donor for food sponsorships to disabled orphaned children. 
    • Please sign-up here if you are interested in sponsoring meals for ~70 special needs kids and their staff of 15 people. We are very happy to share that our anonymous donor is matching two meals for every meal sponsored in the year 2023. Cost: $200 for full-day meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), $80 for just Lunch or Dinner, $40 for breakfast: 
    • https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090948AFAE2AAAF49-2023
    • Payment Info: Use one of the methods below to make a payment (Please note that online transaction fees are charged to E&E, so please include those fees as well.). Please do company matching wherever possible. (Tax-id: 47-3656395)

Important Monthly Reminders:

Instructions on How to Check your Event Sign-up on DonorView:  

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  • Please sign in to your DonorView account before you sign up for an event. (The advantage of signing in to your account first is that the attendant fields will be auto-filled for you, making your signup process a lot more efficient. Also, it will avoid the creation of multiple accounts.)
  • Make sure to check your email for sign-up confirmation and event ticket.
  • In the event that an update is required we will post it on the group chat and send Donorview update email.
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  • Please Note: Deleting a sign-up requires admin intervention so please only sign up when you are certain of your availability.
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